Allan, a trans teen from Barcelona commits suicide due to bullying

Just weeks after changing his ID trans teen Allan, 17, takes his life.

Alan has left us.

“Alan has left us.” Posted on Dec. 25, 2015

Allan, a transsexual teen from Barcelona, Spain, finally succeeded this December when a magistrate gave him authorization to change the name on his legal documents. He had the support of his entire family, but lacked support from the school environment. And on Thursday, he took his own life.

Friday his mother gave the sad news to the association of transsexual children’s families Chrisallys: “It hurts my soul to have to give this terrible and sad news. Our son Alan took his short life of 17 years yesterday (Thursday). He could not handle the pressure of society and has left us forever. thank you for all the support received.

Alan, aged 17, had suffered “bullying” due to his transsexuality in his school, which made him enter in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona diagnosed with “depression”. The young man left the hospital and moved to another school, but also suffered “bullying situations,” according to Chrisallys. Apparently, the family and the direction of the new school had already planned a meeting to “deal with this situation,” after Christmas holidays.

He could not handle the pressure from society and has left us forever “Today all Chrysallis families are with Alan and his family,” reads the condolence message released by the association. “This was the first Christmas he was living according to his identity, the first in which he had a brand new DNI, the first in which there would be house party for many years but, tragically, has proved to be the last,” explained her vice president, Saida Garcia by phone. In her view, it was “the pressure and misunderstanding in schools have defeated Alan and tonight he has decided to stop walking among us.”

From Chrysalis, a group who helps about 200 families throughout Spain, added in its statement on the website: “There are no words to accompany this pain nor to express the anger, frustration and embarrassment from governments that never arrives on time, always ranging behind the needs of transsexual children and teens”. They say for some tome that they will “fight for society to respect our daughters and sons, but to Alan it will no longer be of use.”

Alan was one of the two Catalan children who succeded this December amending their legal documents so the name with which they identified is on the DNI. They were the first to do so in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain only 25 other children have succeeded, even though the law states that to change the name on the ID one must be of age and have mandatory medical reports.